MNP staff understand and practice our philosophy and are committed to providing a balance of friendly, yet professional care to every one of our residents.

The home (Millfield) is lovely, very welcoming, always getting offered tea/coffee on arrival. Residents are treated fondly. They go on outings when weather is nice, arrange for them to go back home for a couple of hours if wanted. Steve’s been here almost 9 years. He’s now 58 and there because he suffered a brain haemorrhage but I feel he gets good care here. Sue Fawcett – Wife of Millfield resident

My son Anthony Cunliffe suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He has severe difficulties in mobility and communication skills. Is also doubly incontinent and unable to feed himself. Tony has lived at Sandgate Manor for over 12 years and his carers are all understanding, caring and extremely competent in looking after my Son. I could not wish for better for him. Deanne Green – Mother of Sandgate Manor resident

My father is very happy at Tristford. He enjoys the company and banter with the staff who are always respectful and mindful of his needs. My father has lived at Tristford for about ten years and is now 71 years young. He has suffered several strokes which have left him almost immobile and he has difficulty speaking. Jackie Mortlock – Daughter of Tristford resident

I’ve been part of Sandgate Manor for six years now and was the first resident to ever live in one of the three Lodges situated on the premises. I really have the best of both worlds, as not only do I spend the majority of my time in the Lodge, but I also spend time up in the main House as well, mainly at weekends. All staff at Sandgate work their hardest to ensure I have all my needs met the way I require them to be. Joe Whitehead – Woodland Lodge resident